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 * Questions & Answers *

Our natural setting along the withlacoochee River is unique. You won't find a more peaceful, remote slice of old Florida anywhere! Unfortunately, technology is lacking.

Will my cell phone work at the park?

Some phone carriers work better than others at the park. This is what campers are saying: AT&T comes back with the best reviews. Voice and data seem to work well. Verizon is our biggest complaint with dropped calls and live streaming not working well. Mixed reviews with T-Moible and other carriers. We recommend that you check with your service provider on service availability. You are able to use your cell phone at our park through our WiFi system. You will just need to enable "wifi calling" under settings.

Do you offer Cable TV at the park?

Cable TV is not available. Off air TV by antenna is limited to a few local channels. Campers have had good success with their own satellite dish providers, but you should do your own research to confirm that your provider will work well here. 

Do you offer WIFI at the park?

Yes we do. We now have Starlink! This free satellite WiFi is available at all our sites and at the clubhouse. Our free service is designed to check email, visit websites and light surfing. This is not a high speed internet connection and is not designed for live streaming. We have also added Dish Network at the clubhouse with NFL Ticket!

How far are you from the Withlacoochee Bike Trail? Can we bike there?

We are 4.5 miles from the Withlacoochee Bike Trail in Floral City. We do have campers that bike to the trail but there's no shoulder on the two lane road leading there. For a better experience, we recommend that you drive to the trail.


Do you offer long term stays?

We do not offer year round residency.  The maximum stay at our rv park and campground  is (6) months. 

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